Labour Rates & Cost

On site in Calgary for less than $100/hour!

All jobs are different, and often times a project based price is better received than a labor rate. You may prefer a subscription or retainer type arrangement for billing as well.

That being said, here are some standard rates if You just want to have someone come out and fix your computer or network right away.

  • Remote Access Phone/Dial In Support with Expert IT Tech Hourly Rate - $75
  • Expert IT Tech On Site Support Hourly Rate - $95
  • Expert IT Tech Emergency On Site Support (immediate response) Hourly Rate - $125
    Rates are billed at 15 minute increments after 1st hour.
  • Virus Removal and/or System Reinstall - $100 flat fee
    *Assumes laptop or PC is taken away to our lab and returned within 48 hours
  • Full Day Rate inside Calgary City Limits (8hr day) - $675
  • Full Day Rate outside of Calgary City Limits - $1250
    *Includes short flight or driving travel time.
    **Does not include flight or travel expenses
  • Ipad Rental Rates Here

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